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David Mark Brown
(Other contact information available upon request)


My objective is to be part of a software development team which strives to utilize its engineering processes while working to succeed. I have both leadership as well as developer skills, and I'm comfortable performing in either capacity.


  • Software Technologies: Objective-C, C, Python, JavaScript, C++,  Lua, ActionScript/Flex, UNIX Shell (bash), Java, Perl, RPM, OO Design, PHP, HTML, SQL
  • System Design and Technologies: Web Servers (http, https, cgi, perl, php, java, and other supporting technologies), Kerberos, PAM, Authentication Models, Firewalls, Gateways, Network Security (SSL, Intrusion Detection, Scanning), Host Management, Network Design and Administration, Database Administration, MTA, DHCP, DNS, IMAP(S), POP(S), User Account Maintenance
  • Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, UnixWare, OpenUnix, OpenServer, BSD Unix, HPUX.
  • General Skills: Team Leadership, System Security, Project Management, Configuration Management, Software Design, Product Integration, System Maintenance, Software and Process Documentation


  • DavTar LLC, Lehi, UT (2006 - Present)
    • Owner and Manager
      • Founded the software consultancy DavTar LLC.
      • Managed all business affairs.
      • Developed and marketed in-house iOS application Comparo.
      • Provided software consulting for companies such as InstaSong and MobilSense.
  • Mozy, Pleasant Grove, UT (2010 - Present)
    • Senior Mac Developer/Manager
      • Lead the team of engineers that developed MacMozy, the Mozy backup client for Mac OS.
      • Contributed to the design and development of MacMozy as well as Mozy's "Beyond Backup" offerings.
      • Wrote the beginnings of a new automated test framework in Ruby.
  • Move Networks, American Fork, UT (2006 - 2010)
    • Senior Software Engineer/Manager
      • Designed and develop core modules in C and lua as well as the browser plug-in API in C++ for the next-generation player.
      • Architected, implemented, and oversaw development of the JavaScript and ActionScript toolkits used to interface with the Move Networks Player.
      • Provided team management and acted as the interface with other engineering teams, product management, and project management.
      • Extensively interviewed candidates and built the player SDK team from the ground up.
    • Software Developer in Test
      • Coordinated Quality Assurance tasks on various projects, including Move Networks' encoders, CMS, player, and reporting systems.
      • Designed and develop a new testing automation framework in python that was used for the testing of various products.
      • Tested publishers' web sites for accuracy and quality.
  • Symantec Corp., American Fork, UT (2003 - 2006)
    • Senior SQA Engineer, Automated Testing
      • Designed and enhanced the automated test framework and wrote tests in python for Symantec's Enterprise Security Manager product.
      • Defined QA processes including bug flow processes and managed bug flow through QA.
      • Wrote various QA design documents and test plans.
      • Designed and wrote system maintenance tools as well as QA coverage measurement tools.
  • Volution Technologies / Center7, Lindon, UT (2002 - 2003)
    • Senior Software Engineer, Volution Manager Lead Engineer
      • Acted as team lead for the Volution Manager product, a web and directory (eDirectory/OpenLDAP) based systems management solution.
      • Scoped and coordinated product schedules with development, testing, documentation, and localization.
      • Coordinated time and resource constraints within very tight timeframes.
  • Caldera International, Lindon, UT (1996 - 2002)
    • Functional Manager, Volution Product Line
      • Managed resources for a team of Volution software developers; interviewed applicants for various software engineer positions.
      • Performed project management for multiple concurrent projects; interfaced with many different departments regarding Volution projects.
    • Senior Software Engineer, ReliantHA Lead Engineer
      • Managed ReliantHA for UnixWare and OpenUnix engineering relationships between Caldera and Unisys.
      • Managed various aspects of the ReliantHA project within Caldera's departments.
      • Found and fixed bugs for ReliantHA written in C.
    • Senior Software Engineer, Server Team Lead Engineer
      • Lead a team of 5 engineers in developing OpenLinux Server; interviewed various applicants for the OpenLinux Server Team.
      • Performed all engineering product integration tasks.
      • Assisted in implementing a distributed configuration management system used worldwide.
      • Acted as liaison between engineering teams in Germany and the United States.
    • Software Engineer
      • Created and maintained various software packages in RPM extensively using bash for the OpenLinux line of products (eDesktop, eServer).
      • Performed unit testing and assisted with system testing of OpenLinux.
      • Acted as Caldera's member on the board of directors for the LI18NUX (Linux Internationalization) group.
      • Assisted in writing and reviewing OpenLinux product documentation.
    • Technical Support Engineer
      • Provided technical support via phone and email of various Caldera products including Caldera Network Desktop, OpenLinux, eDesktop, eServer, and WABI.
      • Responsible for various product sanity checks before products were allowed to ship.
      • Tested and supported Caldera's NDS client for Linux, including tasks such as configuring both server and client pieces.


Professional Interests

  • Software design
  • User interfaces
  • Mobile device software
  • Network design and maintenance
  • Operating systems

Personal Interests

  • Linux/UNIX, both software development as well as maintaining my own network of desktops and servers
  • Arts and music, including playing the piano, organ, guitar, singing, and photography
  • Church and community service; I served a 2-year LDS mission in Japan, am an Eagle scout, participate in community and city sponsored projects with my family, enjoy performing at nursing homes and various schools.
  • Sports and outdoor activities, including running, golf, basketball, table tennis, football, skiing, hiking, and gardening.
  • Working with my hands, including model rocketry, remote controlled vehicles, building models, ham radio, and building computers.
  • Do-it-yourself projects, especially those involving learning something new (house, car, etc.).
  • Spending time with my family including many of the items mentioned above.